Michigan Brothers Unmasked as Patriot Front Members

Posted on the behalf of anti-racists in Michigan.

Jon-Paul Struys, age 30
Joseph Andrew Struys, age 27













Based on a tip from Central Oregon Antifascist (COA), anti-racists in Michigan have unmasked two Patriot Front members.  These two PF members are brothers and they both reside in the Traverse City area.

COA sent this link that tied PF member “Johnny MI” (an alias) to Jon-Paul Struys, someone that was arrested at 2017’s Unite the Right (UtR) in Charlottesville. From there, and from the tip, Michigan anti-racists filled in the rest.  Because of the leaks hosted by Unicorn Ninja, anti-racists in Michigan were able to social map the Michigan Cluster of Patriot Front. This mapping allowed the anti-racists to confirm the provided identity and then the additional link to the brother.

Jon- Paul Struys, aka Johnny at UtR in Charlottesville 2017
Jon-Paul Struys during a court appointment steming from his involvement in UtR.




Joseph Andrew Struys aka Ulysses
Joseph Andrew Struys aka Ulysses












Jon-Paul Struys in the leaked chats identified himself as being experienced in security work.  This was confirmed by his LinkedIn account.  We would love to know if he is still in that field and where.  Minorities are not likely to ever feel secure around a racist fascist. Contact info at bottom of report.


Jon-Paul’s prior work experience
Jon-Paul’s educational CV










From there they confirmed that Jon-Paul Struys had a brother named Joseph Andrew Struys (alias Ulysess MI).  Jon-Paul may live on Grouse St in Traverse City and Joseph may live on Moorestown Road in Fife.

Information on Joseph is a bit more scarce. (again, tips are welcome) but anti-racists did unearth this racist twitter account that fairly  matches up with the racist zeitgeist of the time.  Micheal Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Anne Coulter, Richard Spencer retweets galore!


Traverse City region:  If you know more and have any tips please email pftips@krutt.org. Jon-Paul has a work history as a bouncer and security guard, so please do not confront him.  We would love to know where the pair are currently working so that their coworkers could summarily be warned about the racists in their midst.




Avoid Rebecca Anne Tremble

On the eve of Rebecca Anne Tremble (aka Becca, Becky, Kitty) collaborating with fascists (again!) in support of the far right opp “Freedom Convoys” we must draft an alert.


Rebecca Anne Tremble, at the End the Damn Wars rally. A rally noteworthy in which Zakk “Magnus” Clark/Doughtery was caught on camera collaborating with DC police.







Becca has been an “activist” in Lansing for many years, however recently she has fallen into a role of claiming “AFA” (antifascist action: antifa) status in order to operate as a tool to launder the image of boogaloo bois into being an acceptable ally to leftist organizers.

This is obscene and unsafe to our communities.   Her first attempt at this strategy was to invite boogaloo bois into a protest on the state murder of Anthony Hulan.  The other organizers very quickly surmised who these white bois obsessed with guns were and immediately pulled the breaks on this attempt.  Please see this write up by Lansing’s chapter of Solidarity and Defense for a more detailed account.

Since this event she has effectively blackballed herself from many spheres of the left.  The only groups that have been consistently willing to work with her are boogaloo groups and their affiliates, as detailed in this write up by It’s Going Down surrounding the “End the Damn Wars” farce.

There is a running theme in Becca’s work that seeks to connect truly unrepentant racists to the organizing spaces of the left.  She cites other efforts to ingratiate racists into liberatory circles.  The problem is that there is significant critiques to the efforts she means to cite in anti-racist circles.

And, now with her involvement with the Freedom Convoys she is working with Three Per-centers, Proud Boys, Qanon cultists, Siege Nazis, and White Lives Matter activists.  She traded Black Lives Matter for White Lives Matter.

The Freedom Convoy groups that Becca is supporting are administered by White Lives Matter activists, among other strains of fascists

This explains her short lived efforts to focus the Michigan boogs into a very public “anti Patriot Front” cause.  However, anti-racists in Michigan reckoned this for what it was: a flimsy PR meant to bone up on the anti-racist bonafides.  The Patriot Front leaks published by UR Ninja even reveal that Patriot Front was very thankful for the signal boost that the boog PR campaign afforded them.  The boogs did not think to edit out the web address for Patriot Front – thereby signal boosting racist hate nonetheless.

We covered the fascist website link… Becca did not.

This is a non-exhaustive listing of the dangerous actors that Becca surrounds herself with (one is hell bent on being the next Kyle Rittenhouse) but we wanted to list these connections as we lead up to her plans for Sunday February 13th 2022.

Becca will be at the Michigan State Capitol collecting material goods in support of the “trucker” Freedom Convoy before 1PM.  Why a convoy of people that can afford to not work for weeks on end that have also raised millions of dollars on various platforms would need supplies from cities that have sizable houseless populations we don’t know. 

Where Becca will be and with what vehicle




Becca’s profile on telegram.

The fascist telegram channels that Becca is offering material support to are absolutely terrified of “antifas.” The presents a unique contradiction in terms.  Viewing her telegram profile you will see her list “UVA” or United Voluntary Action, her boog affinity group and then you will see her list “AFA” or Anti Fascist Action aka antifa.  It is surprising that no one in these telegram channels question this.  This could be for three reasons 1 – they do not check into anything there, 2 – they might be mistaking AFA to mean Asatru Folk Assembly (a fascist pagan outfit), or 3 – they also know Becca’s claims of anti-fascism is bullshit.

It is likely the first reason.  How would the various strains of fascist feel about giving material goods to someone that pretends publicly to be anti-fascist?  It would be very awkward.

Leftists should give Becca a wide berth.  She associates with people that would wish you harm.  She is sloppy in her “organizing” and she encourages erratic behavior by unsafe individuals. Marginalized peoples are not safe around people that help “White Lives Matter” organizers not matter now many times they pretend to be antifa.

So Becca will be on the east side of the Michigan State Capitol building a little bit before 1PM in a gray 2004 Dodge Dakota that has LA license plates.  We do not advise wasting your time by approaching her and her booger buddies, but if someone manages to snap some photos our tip line is always open.

UPDATE; or she might instead be in Detroit down by the Ambassador Bridge! Boogs are directing people to show up armed to the United States border with Canada.

Our recommendation is to not get involved.  If boogs want to act foolish and catch needless charges, don’t get in their way.


¡No Pasarán!

– The Lone Gunmen AFA


Klan Daughter to move back to Indiana?

Tonia Sue Berry aka Tonia Sue Knowlton, the daughter of deceased Indiana KKK leader (and police informant) Jeff Berry is likely to move from George Bois Stout’s De Kalb, Texas compound back to the Fort Wayne area where she grew up. Some background on the Stouts here


A younger Tonia Sue Berry aka Warrior Girl aka Sister Daisy aka Tonia Sue Knowlton
Photo of Tonia from when she worked at an Indiana gas station



A recent picture of Tonia

Tonia’s father was the Klan leader Jeff Berry (as seen on the 1990’s Jerry Springer show) who infamously was sent to jail for kidnapping journalists and was nearly beaten to death by his own son (one theory goes that it was in response to Jeff being a police informant).

Southern Poverty Law Center identifying Jeff Berry as a police informant.
Tonia, using her VK profile to remember her father.










Tonia has since then seemingly left her first Klan husband Walter Knowlton (with whom she had a child that they named so that their child’s initials formed “K.K.K.”).

Tonia at some point divorced her first Klan hubby to move to Texas to be with a new Klan hubby,  Dalton Henry Stout. Here she resided with her husband and her father in law as they formed the Church of the KKK. 

Dalton Stout, predictably, receiving membership in a Confederate Army remembrance organization

Tonia was/is the top recruiter for the Church of the KKK, coordinating “unity” events in Indiana, Texas, and other states to form new bonds and networks.  

She is morphing her involvement in the Church of the KKK, as run by George into a new outfit or a re-branded effort entitled Aryan Freedom Network.


AFN is partnering with Chris Pohlhaus “The Hammer” of the Bloodtribes network to put on a charity for “needy white families.”

Chris Pohlhaus aka Hammer of Bloodtribes
AFN  announcing their joint venture with Bloodtribes
Bloodtribes announcing their joint venture with AFN

Chris Pohlhaus was also recently pushing a scheme to move from Texas (a state shared by himself and the Stouts) into states north and east of Texas, in Chris’s case it is Maine.  

Local Indiana anti-carceral organizers would rather highlight this effort by Indiana Department of Corrections Watch to overshadow the white supremacist attempt at charity.  If Tonia Sue Berry’s hate is abhorrent to you, please give to IDOC Watch so that victims of the carceral system can be made more whole.  Take that hateful energy Chris Pohlhaus and Tonia Berry have and transform it into care for your community.   

Back in April of 2021 The Church of the KKK put on a meet and greet on private property outside of Auburn, IN.  They met away from the public eye as the last time the Klan showed up in public, they were beaten up.  Local anti-racist organizers dwarfed the Klan’s crowd-size that day at the Auburn courthouse with a food drive and community coming together under the protection of armed community defense anti-fascists.  


Despite the blusterous claims in the image left that was taken from their forums, their turnout was low for this Indiana event. You should replace “groups” with “persons.” Meaning that rather than five groups being present; five people were present.


The counter event, a day of a solidarity against hate and a community food drive far outpaced their numbers and was able to turn the Klan’s hateful visit to Auburn into an opportunity to help anti-racists network and provide for their communities.  The counter event was organized by Indiana Mutual Aid Coalition

IMAC announcing their plan to frustrate Klan ambition


Tonia would go on to put on two more similar events before forming the AFN.  She can been seen in hate centered social media channels as her own VK account, or White Lives Matter Telegram (both Indiana and Texas) channels.  She is active in both channels, spreading hate and trying to network with other racists.  We can only wonder if the other racists in these telegram channels would be comfortable organizing with the daughter who is proud of her police informant father.  



Since then, Tonia has announced that she is likely to move back to Indiana.   Whether this signifies a break her relationship with the Stouts, or a rekindling of her relationship with her child (that she named K-K-K…), or something else – it is not known.



A much more recent picture of Tonia. We need to dwarf her “charity” effort.

The Mid-west anti-racist networks that turned out in April to take a stand against hate should be made aware that Tonia is likely to be moving back.  And they should remain watchful and vigilant. And the mid-westerners on the side of social justice should let our mutual aid efforts, such as the IDOC Watch drive, outshine her pathetic attempt at charity.  Let the Klan or AFN or whatever hateful mask they adorn look in shame at how they are out-organized.  






¡No Pasarán!

– The Lone Gunmen AFA


Boog Movements into Kenosha, WI 11/17/2021

On the day where we may learn the verdict of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial we want to pass along some developing info.
Information does not paint a complete picture.

We have heard reports of at least one group headed into Kenosha. 

UPG Ghost (twitter handle @upgghost), of the United Pharaohs Guard (UPG) a boog militia out of Louisville, KY. UPG Ghost is headed to Kenosha with a crew that is multistate and not strictly UPG. UPG Ghost was involved with the mess on 2021-04-03 in Lansing, MI. Solidarity and Defense’s report Here.

Background on the kind of actions by the United Pharaohs Guard here.

Numbers: 20, estimated. For one group.

Their plan: Arrive at the Kenosha courthouse area in the morning of the 17th and maintain a low profile and observe. They are going to coordinate with the boogs local to Kenosha. It is doubtful they are going to attempt black bloc style gear as they did in Lansing or even the more flamboyant and trademark Hawaiian shirts but they may be attempting “grey man” dress. 

Their focus is protecting property if they feel it is warranted and are concerned about antifa and communists. Be careful.


Additional Info


An extremely young boog named Ryan Patrick Sullivan, who is of similar age as Kyle Rittenhouse is also going. Ryan has drawn parallels between himself and Kyle and asserts that the only reason he did not go down the same path is that the nights he was armed in Massachusetts (he has since moved from CT to OH / MI) was never separated from his group.

Ryan Patrick Sullivan is increasingly become more volatile and should be avoided. He was recently arrested in Toledo, Ohio when a person he was protesting with negligently discharged his AR-15 and police discovered Ryan was concealed carrying a pistol with out a license.

Ryan sympathizes with Kyle Rittenhouse and has his social media platforms, celebrated him.  Give this boog a wide berth as to avoid a repeat of past events.

¡No pasarán!

Lone Gunmen AFA



Boog Support for Kyle Rittenhouse

CONTENT WARNING: this is a non-exhaustive gallery of Pro Kyle Rittenhouse memes made in boog spaces.  Our purpose is to highlight the sympathies various boogs have for fascist apologia.  Racism, body horror, gore, and an utter contempt for human life is on display here.

Kyle Rittenhouse is commonly viewed as a “Blue Lives Matter bootlicker” by boogs, however many boogs – such as Zakk Doughertyhave gone to great lengths to defend Kyle.  Zakk’s compatriot Tim Teagan has admitted to having the same goal during his involvement in the Detroit 2020 protests: defending property at the expense of life.


Example of Zakk defending Kyle.

In fact, that evening Kyle was spotted working in concert with boogaloo bois albeit not being a boogaloo boi himself.  The images below come from group chats that Zakk’s affinity group (ie Unity Coalition) are active in.  In one group chat, we counted close to twenty associates of Zakk.

How are antifa or BLM or leftists meant to “unify” with people that celebrate their deaths or injury?  Or see fit to make light of death or injury?

Note: Boogs often identify by using “Liberty movement,” “agorist,” “mutualist,” “libertarian,” and  “voluntaryist,” as adjectives to replace or augment their self-identity of boog.

We have cut down this gallery by a factor of ten.  There heaps of these disgusting memes, many way worse that what is being show here.


Again: Content Warning!


























Ryan Patrick Sullivan

Ryan Patrick Sullivan

updated info at bottom

One of the most soul crushing parts of the work that we and others do, is observing the racist online spaces that are dedicated to recruiting youth. We’ll not burden the reader with that emotional trauma, but please bear in mind the disgusting things that researchers of right wing hate often bear witness to.  It amounts to child abuse and it weighs heavy on our minds.

In our observations of boogaloo boi (boog) spheres we came across an eighteen year old that seemingly has latched onto the sphere of the Michigan boogs (re: Zackary Doughtery’s affinity group) despite his residing in Griswold, CT – very near to what must be a gorgeous state park.

Ryan Patrick Sullivan (RPS) is registered to the Libertarian Party and registered to vote in Connecticut. At present we do not know how he fell into the boog sphere, but we must note that being 18 during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic would make individuals feel lonely and may be therefore more susceptible to online recruitment.

RPS has a large footprint in the boog, mostly as a “hanger-on,” often creating organizations or protests that largely subsist of himself.  And creating telegram channels for these programs.

Above, a few of the Telegram channels as created by RPS.

Above, one of RPS’s telegram accounts.  Please note the anti-semetic use of the Star of David.  A common thread in anti-vaxxer spaces is the self-comparrionsen to Holocaust.  This is insulting, ignorant, and hateful of the horrors the victims of the Holocaust suffered. 


Some of RPS’s twitter accounts.  Please note how the avatar for his @Pytyr1 Twitter account matches his @Patrick_uaul_emit_Henry Telegram account. Peter S on Telegram is Pytyr on Twitter. 

RPS has a eclectic political protest history. He was the creator of several March for Medicare For All (M4M4A) telegram channels and by his own admission was in organizing meetings on M4M4A.

He has also protested for the right to bare arms, protested against the vaccine, protested with Trump supporters, protested against masks, and other assorted protests. He often posts listings of various protests as if they were the tour list for a rock band.

A listing of his “Save the Children” set of protests. Whether or not any of these happen on June 13th of 2022 remains to be seen.

M4M4A was largely a purely online-turfed set of rallies, parades, and marches in ostensibly in support of Medicare For All. Afterwards a few boogs and boog sympathizers were found to be a part of the effort… RPS being one of them. You can see RPS sport the Iron Front Three Arrows and declare opposition to groups like the Proud Boys and Klan intermixed their association with boogs and Three Percenters (threepers) and QANON anti-maskers. It’s a real confused mess.

RPS admits to being the boog that helped organize a set of events that would theoretically by the largest expansion of federal govement.

Three Arrows / Iron Front imagery being employed along side crypto-Fascist spheres is certainly a look

RPS also created several telegram channels for things like a yearly June 12th protest for Duncan Lemp and second amendment rights, and other hot button boog/right wing causes.

Most personal perhaps for RPS is his self started organization entitled Connecticut Sons of Liberty. A boog flavored group that often uplifts other right wing protests and sometimes economically left things like M4A. From this telegram channel you can easily view where RPS was or will be. In his June 12th Day of Protest  there was audio of RPS discussing his willingness to work with threepers and past working history with threepers.

Threeper associated with RPS

He was also the lead organizer of the End the Damn Wars (ETDW) event in New York City. The ETDW parades was a combination effort by boogs and employees of noted Nazi enthusiast Kim DotCom. It was largely an astro-turfed mess that was sparsely attended but did feature Zakk Dougherty cooperating with and informing to DC Police as referenced in this threaded tweet.

RPS signalling that he was the lead organizer for the NYC ETDW event.

More recently and more worryingly, he has been descending the “QANON rabbit hole.”  Violence is becoming a normal factor in QANON hysteria. And the cult like nature of QANON is able to quickly warp people who become associated with it, even worse as the cited source reads that it is mirroring Nazi propaganda in an eerie manner.

Anti-Semitic dogwhistles found in the WorldWide CT chat

He has been heavily involved on the WorldWide Chats on telegram and has suggested that people bring firearms to state capitals in opposition of public health initiatives like vaccines and mask mandates.  How someone can support Medicare For All but not promote public health is very perplexing as well.

RPS suggests people come armed to a protest

RPS also suggested to bring zip ties to a protest (hopefully for the inferred use of hanging a banner)

The WorldWide chats on telegram sprung up during the collapse of the White Lives Matter marches and heavily feature antisemitism, racism, and other bigotry.  And have had significant crossover with one another.

An early graphic of the WorldWide telegram channels.

Many of the Worldwide telegram channels have morphed into Qanon sinkholes. And this brings us to our primary concern.

We can see the radicalization path that RPS has begun. They may not be a direct danger today, but given that they are calling for an armed protest in support of one issue (anti-mask / anti-vaxx protest at the State Capitol), and to disrupt a school board meeting in another (anti-mask / anti-vaxx protest at the school boards). They could be a danger tomorrow.

This young person is potentially a powder keg. The spheres they inhabit range from a grift largely perpetrated by podcasters and other scam artists, like the M4M4A or End the Damn Wars, to cult-like fervor such as the QANON or Duncan Lemp themed  outings.

This is the marker of a dangerous escalation.

He has directed people to protest a local Connecticut school board meeting such as above.  This is leading into territory that is quite dangerous.  School board meetings over vaccine concerns have frequently erupted into anger or racism and anti-vaxx protests have lead to violence.  A young person that previously wanted to protest vaccines while armed is now wanting to protest a school board meeting is quite worrying.

We would like to see this young person deradicalize away from this self destructive path. If RPS is willing to talk to anti-racist comrades of ours – there is an open invitation. Our email is open and we will work with you, Ryan, to help you grow and get away from these foul actors that will ruin you and others.


We have been in contact with affinity groups near to RPS and the community there has been alerted.  They want to help you get, Ryan.  There is a life after this.

¡No Pasarán!





An update on a boog youth we identified some time ago: it got worse.  Since publication, Ryan has left Connecticut for Perrysburg, OH / Michigan guest rooms.  He has already been active in the “Unity Coalition” orbit.  This activity includes getting arrested in Ohio for a gun charge after a fellow boog practiced unsafe firearm culture and had a negligent discharge.  That negligent discharge drew the attention of police and subsequently Ryan was arrested for allegedly possessing concealed firearm.

Ryan…  these boogs are ruining your life.  You are eighteen.  You are being further drawn into a circle of people that are not chasing the betterment of all peoples but their rather their own egos.  You are walking down a path wherein you will be just another piece of set dressing in their narcissistic downward spiral.  You have a fork in the road right now: you can abandon these people that literally get you arrested and further encourage your self-sabotage or you can become your own man and find a place in society that benefits your siblings in society.


We truly hope you listen to people that are trying to achieve the liberation of the people – not their own selfish ego trips.  Those people are out there.  Reach out to them.


CONTENT WARNING: There will be a listing of slurs and discussion of hate speech and hate imagery. We are using these for identifying purposes, not to embolden a hierarchical oppressive worldview.

Destroy all artifacts of hate

We want to warn against the dangers of using hateful imagery or language, even in an ironic or counter-recruiting fashion. Hate speech in the context of this report will cover racism, misogyny, and able-ism. Even if intentions are anti-racist or otherwise, use of these can result in a few negative consequences;

  1. It will allow unsafe people to gain access to safer spaces because by blurring the lines of hate speech — hateful language can be played off as ironic or worse become normalized. Normalization means detecting bad actors in these spaces will be difficult. Confusion of what is appropriate and what isn’t will give the community the wrong idea of who social justice activists and advocates are. The community may not be able to identify whom to trust and whom to guard from.
  2. Re-purposing hateful imagery or symbolism may not have the proper context and thus may reported on incorrectly and the wrong lessons or meaning may be reported and the wrong precedents could be set.

I) Jason Kessler, one of the leading organizers of 2017 Unite the Right rally that saw an anti-fascist murdered, began this journey in Occupy Wall Street (OWS). Kessler was removed from OWS spaces for endangering people in the OWS encampment by filming faces and urging violent actions. He later “left the left” after he he sympathized with a woman who was fired from her job after making a racist joke on twitter before boarding a flight.

An excerpt from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s entry, as linked to earlier. Kessler’s loyalty to racism over leftism is an example of why we cannot have racists in our spaces.
Quote from public Facebook status update from someone that once considered Jason a friend. Linked to from the WaPo article listed above.

In addition, Jason’s deeply held misogynistic nature predicted his journey from Obama volunteer to something on the “Neo-Völkisch” spectrum. Misogyny is often a marker for future right wing violence. This WaPo article provides an excellent review of Kessler’s history and journey into hate.

We want to again stress that this non-exhaustive list of slurs and hate language is to present a listing of what these terms mean in racist and other context and examples of those putting those terms to use. This is not our approval of these terms.

Certain words, phrases, and iterations of hate speech will have a dog-whistle effect. Words like “cuck” and suffixes like “-oid” indicate a racism that is beneath the waves but very much still there. Terms like “reeeee,” “sperg,” “autistic screeching or unintelligble screaming,” and suffix “-tard” will denote prejudice for able-ism and an internalized hatred for those that may be different. Those marginalized by these terms will notice as will astute anti-racists, anti-fascists, and other liberators. Persons of privilege will use them and cry foul when asked to not use them. Much like Kessler listed above, the loyalty to edgy humor should not outweigh loyalty to those oppressed. If it does — the person using the language not your ally but rather your future jailer.

The use of this language normalizes dehumanizing language and the concept of othering. This language originates often online in typically right wing and racist spaces.

It is precisely this use of language that anti-racists and others are able to mark whom not to trust — presented here are some examples of this kind of language as used by “Boogaloo Bois” (boog) and those within that sphere.

Found on Tumblr
Found on Twitter
Found on Twitter. A side note to the image with the Amazon joke. The concept of “welfare queens” was highly racialized by Reagan’s GOP and designed to attack BIPOC women.

Boogs, whom we discussed in our last report, present in an unequal mix of three strains: crypto-fash, over-privileged libertarians on an adventure, and/or state actors. Because of this mixture developing trust with any boog is fraught and not worth it for anyone at risk of those groups. A boog may say some of the “right” things that could lend a belief that their objectives can align with liberation movements but their ultimate goal isn’t the abolition of the oppressive systems that have put us where we are today. They often lionize racist white slave owners with an 18th Century understanding of sociology.

Above, common imagery used by the boogs. The revolution of 1776 was a revolution by a slave-owning bourgeoisie class, not of the working class and other exploited and enslaved people.

Boogs are known to show up when unwelcome by communities such as LansingAtlanta, and Ann Arbor among others. Because their preference is to open carry firearms — this creates an aura of distrust for community defense (comdef) organizations such as those affiliated with the Coalition Of Armed Labor (COAL). These comdef orgs provide safety when asked and sometimes do open carry firearms (usually at request or permission of the local community organizers). The confusion and distrust of boogs can spill over into these comdef orgs or the trust of these comdef orgs could be in-authentically carried over to boogs who do not warrant that trust. Further along this line of logic should someone work openly with the boog it could devastate whatever trust the person or persons that worked with the boog had in the eyes of marginalized communities.

In summation on this point, hate language even when on the left finds itself being nothing more than a warning for oppression later. If someone is telling racist jokes and holding misogynistic or ableist views, they should not be welcomed into liberation spaces.

II) Our second thrust of why it is inadvisable for the left to use hate language, jargon, or imagery is the reoccurring and incorrect trope that Chairman Fred Hampton of the Chicago Black Panther Party (BPP) had worked with white supremacists.

This assertion is patently false. This falsehood comes from either misunderstanding or willful ignorance. The racists in the this “interpretation” are meant to be the Young Patriot Organization. A group of poor white migrants from Appalachia that were active in Chicago along with the BPP in the original iteration of the Rainbow Coalition. The YPO were an explicitly anti-capitalist and anti-racist socialist workers movement. However, they miscalculated in their initial attempts to re-purpose Confederate imagery away from its racist origins into an anti-capitalist meaning. This was a mistake as we will show.

In two books that greatly detail the relationship between the BPP and YPO they discuss the anti-racist nature of the YPO. These books are, Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times by Sonnie and Tracy, and Hy Thurman’s auto-biography, REVOLUTIONARY HILLBILLYThe podcast, “Millennials Are Killing Capitalism” has a great audio interview with Hy Thurman in which Thurman expresses that the YPO were anti-racist prior joining the BPP in the Rainbow Coalition.

(We say that the YPO were anti-racist while fully acknowledging that all white people have deeply rooted and embedded racism within. The organization was anti-racist even if members of that organization still held individual racist tendencies such as not realizing that racist images could not be repurposed.)

The YPO saw themselves as anti-racist as can be seen from a quote from founding member William “Preacherman” Fesperman, “Racism was a demon that had to be driven out and slain if we were going to have unity with other groups and to believe that all people have a right to self-determination and freedom. … We had to change to make life tolerable, and for life to have some sort of meaning.” (Root)

This is corroborated by BPP member, Bob Lee, who in discussing the history of the YPO prior to it’s formation had this to say, “Looking back, was there enough basis for unity? Hell, yeah! When I went to Uptown Chicago, I saw some of the worst slums imaginable. Horrible slums, and poor white people lived there. However, two organizations prepared the way for the Rainbow Coalition, without them there wouldn’t have been a chance of forming one. Rising Up Angry (RUA) and JOIN Community Union. The uptown neighborhood was prime recruiting zone for white supremacists. Most of the cats who were in the Patriots also had at least one family member in the Klan. Cats like Mike James and Jewnbug, and Tappis worked hard to fight that mentality. Mike James and RUA drove a wedge in that bullshit, that white supremacist bullshit, their groundwork was just amazing, out of this world.” Quote pulled from LibCom article.

Hy Thurman explains the reasoning the YPO had behind the use of the CSA battle-flag, “We wanted to talk to poor whites about living conditions in Uptown and try to get them involved in the Young Patriots to improve their living conditions. Many approaches were made to get a dialogue started country music, police brutality, sex, etc. But the universal symbols that all could relate to were the American Flag and the Confederate Flag. Knowing that the American Flag would not solicit much conversation the idea turned to the Rebel flag. ” (Thurman as interviewed by James Tracy)

Bob Lee understood the reasoning that the YPO had behind the re-use of the CSA battle-flag however he gave them his blessing to use it provided “so long as members were up for all the explaining they would have to do.” (Sonny & Tracy).

However, the ability to explain the appropriation of racist imagery like the CSA Battle-flag is all but lost when translated decades later without any context, as done infamously by former The Young Turks (TYT) personality and comedian Jimmy Dore. Dore [whose father and uncles were Chicago cops contemporaneously with the activities of the YPO and BPP] has repeated the falsehood that Chairman Fred worked with white supremacists. This hasn’t been the first time that the former TYT host, Dore had advocated for leftists to work with racists and bigots before. During an appearance on Katie Halper’s podcast, Dore claimed that it would be appropriate to work with Mike Cernovich. The conversation occurred at around the 31 minute mark, but they seem to have edited that section out. You can see from the comments in the Soundcloud that reference the original audio. That particular audio exists in the form of a response video by the Majority Report. At the 2 minute mark, Dore’s thoughts are on record.

Graphic promoted by Dore that willfully confuses the nature of Chairman Fred Hampton’s work.

During an interview of Chris Hedges, Dore and Hedges spoke falsehoods about Chairman Fred. Their assertion was that the YPO were white supremacists. Part of this confusion is laid at the feet of the YPO’s ill fated attempt to repurpose use of the CSA battle-flag, however there have been years of people correcting this narrative to Dore and others and despite this Dore and others continue to peddle this false narrative. Given Dore’s history of promoting leftists working with bigots in the past, we can only conclude that this lie is being repeated so as to create precedent for inviting other elements, such as the boog, into left spaces.

Eventually the YPO would see the error in their strategy. Hy Thurman again explains in the James Tracy interview, “I would not recommend it’s use by any group or anyone or any purpose and believe that it should be destroyed as a tribute to those who suffered pain and anguish in a great dark period of our history.

The critical error by the YPO has been to leave open an ambiguity of their aims. Their anti-racist aims were waylay-ed by use of racist imagery. Even though the boog did not come from a place of anti-racism like the YPO did there is still a lesson here for the boog: if they are serious about anti-racist work, they will have to drop everything about the boog… symbolism, jokes, name, etc and de-radicalize. Dirty South Right Watch has an open invitation for any boogs in the Southern United States willing to do the work of a self-critique and reach out to their email to begin a good faith de-radicalization process. Boogs elsewhere can reach out to us at our email and we will work to find you a process to leave that sphere.

As discussed above by primary sources — the YPO were not white supremacists and painting them as such creates a false precedent wherein it is now appropriate to bring racists and other bigots into anti-racist and anti-bigot spaces, thereby putting our marginalized siblings at risk. We must combat hate language and imagery in our spaces so that our spaces remain safe.

¡no pasarán!

The Lone Gunmen AFA


Do not work with Boogaloo Bois.

Magnus Panvidya (real name Zackary Dougherty [aka Zakk], of the Detroit suburbs) is a highly visible Boogaloo Boi. He has received media attention from podcasters such as Jimmy Dore. His stated goals are a cross unity anti-police movement. However, he has shown time and time again that his real interest isn’t in helping Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements but self aggrandizement and infiltration into liberation spaces. Much of what is cited here is data collected from antifascists, boog interactions on social media, and primary source reports from organizers in Lansing, MI and Detroit, MI. We will be referring to Magnus/Zackary as “Zakk” for the remainder of this notice as that is how we have observed him be referred to by his collaborators. We will also detail Zakk’s close friend and something of a “lieutenant,” Tim Teagan, as well as a few lesser known individuals.

Internet archivists point to the “Boogaloo” (boog originating in reference to a race war as far back as 2012. It is a play on a sequel film from the 1980’s entitled Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. In this context the term was repurposed into a reference to a second civil war, often framed as a race war. This has been detailed in this Bellingcat piece and this Nina Illingworth piece. Since then the concept worked its way across the internet, often in a typical meme fashion with various degrees of seriousness. Terms of note when dealing with the question of the Boogaloo Bois are, “Big Igloo, Luau, Boojahideen.” The early expressions of the boog movement were steadfastly rooted in accelerationism, with white supremacist overtones if not outright fascist intent. In this al-Jazeera article Zakk is quoted as “they (the race war wanters) were purged from the Boogaloo movement.” If we were to believe Zakk we would also have to believe that a decentralized movement has such a mechanism to conduct purges in a concentrated manner beyond the natural evolution of social engineering. They do not. And the race war enthusiasts are very much still attached to the boog sphere, just not on surface level social media. Beyond what podcasts and tweets and public facing media that the boog self-promote, there is a substantial fascist element of boogs still active on sites such as Telegram. Who is to say what overlap remains? Is it reasonable to take that chance and bring someone into spaces where those vulnerable to fascists inhabit?

Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3
Figure 4, Figure 5

Please observe how the same memes appear in both the the deepest Nazi/Boogaloo (Figure 2) channels and what surface level postings collaborators of Zakk, such as Sommer Rae, retweet (Figure 3). The use of imagery such as the “Black Sun’’ and old racist tropes (Figures 4–5) is of key note. Please see the “vaporwave” styling of noted slave owning pedophile rapist Thomas Jefferson (Figure 1) being used to support the call of a “final solution” (Final Solution being a Nazi term for the Holocaust).

A boogaloo in the sphere of Zakk and Tim Teagan, Chris Seawolf appears on both the Twitter friendslist of the surface level boog AND the telegram chats wherein racist tropes abound.

Figure 6, Figure 7

Known collaborator of Zakk, going by Chris Seawolf, is seen here embedded within racist chats (Figure 7).

With this question of “are the boogs fascist or not” it comes down to… do you really want to take that chance? You will never truly know. Three strains of boog are thought to exist by antifascist organizers: crypto-fascists that are intent on accelerating a race war, adventure seeking libertarians with far too much privilege, and informants. With these considerations, what leftist organizer would truly want them around?

Let’s talk about Zakk.

Zakk’s history of being a troublemaker in liberation spaces is well documented by AFA Vigilant. To summarize some key points from the documentation is that Zakk is known to inflate his stature into taking credit from Detroit street medics in deescalating potential Nazi violence at a Detroit Will Breathe (DWB) event. He also attempted to pass himself off as a designated security team for DWB which DWB organizers have come on record to refute. Solidarity and Defense also has an excellent reporting of the attempted boog incursion into liberation spaces.

Figure 8, Figure 9

Zakk has shared transphobic memes (Figure 9) and equated nazis and antifascists into being the same level of bad (Figure 8). How are anti-fascists meant to unite with boog when the boog equates AFA to the CSA?

Zakk also has a close relationship with Southeast Michigan based Fenix Ammunition, which is run by Justin Nazaroff. Justin has lead the armed harassment of anti-ICE protesters at the Holocaust Memorial before and has heaped praise on Kyle Rittenhouse, of which Zakk echoed.

Figure 10

And as a private aside to Zakk, who is sure to be reading this right now (hello!), how are you going to promote and be friends with someone who is selling you ammo and selling the cops (whom you claim to oppose) the same ammo? Would it be weird if that ammo was ever used against you? And if Fenix is pro ICE and you tell BLM minded folk that you are anti ICE… is that not a bit awkward given your close relationship with Fenix?

Zakk and Tim are routinely found in circles that have been apprehended by law enforcement. Zakk has been very public in announcing how there is little difference between those that the federal government has picked up and themselves. Tim Teagan has organized with the militia group, Wolverine Watchmen, who planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. AFA Vigilant has a great detailed thread on Tim Teagan, amongst others.

Zakk’s circle of boog can be found crossing state lines very publicly yet very little police intercession occurs. Tim Teagan perhaps has the most interference with police as Detroit PD mistook him for a protester at a march, when by Tim’s own admission he was there purely to protect property from the marchers (this can be seen in the AFA Vigilant Twitter thread above.)

Figure 11

Tim Teagan (far right) with two of the Wolverine Watchmen, Daniel Harris and Pete Muscio, in the center. These Wolverine Watchmen were thwarted by informants within their networks.

Many of the circle that surrounds Zakk and Tim adorn themselves with pro Kyle Rittenhouse messaging.

Figure 12

Kyle Rittenhouse makes appearances as a hero to some boogs. As does Duncan Lemp. What is interesting is that Duncan Lemp was clearly lusting for girls the same age as Kyle Rittenhouse as reported by the Left Coast Right Watch article that is linked above. This might explain in their Discord leaks why they planned to be publicly against pedophilia as a publicitiy tactic, but perhaps it was just projection by some of the boog.

Zakk’s current message is left-right unity against the state. However his leanings and agenda indicate that he sides with the right and that the unity he hopes to foster would be for the left to make allowances for the right.

Zakk, when pressed on social media for his praise of Kyle Rittenhouse, was asked to answer what mattered more: property or life. Zakk attempted to claim that they had the same value, this line of thought completely guts a central conceit of liberation movements. Minority lives have been repeatedly destroyed because the state agents valued property over life. The reason given to the public about why the murderous cops killed George Floyd is that they felt that was an appropriate response to the question of 20 dollars being possible counterfeit. If you value life in the same way you value property you have no business in liberation spaces.

Figure 13

You really cannot have it both ways. Either property or life has more value.

More recently, as a part of the post Trump pivot to “bottom unity”, i.e. subjugation of the left by the right. The boog as a whole leading up to Trump’s electoral defeat found themselves more at home in the armed protests at Lansing in protest of the Covid-19 orders (where they organized with some of the Wolverine Watchmen.) Now with Trump defeated, and discovering how easy it is to infiltrate the left via podcasters, they have pivoted to pandering to and infiltrating the left.

Figure 14

Much of fascist and boog messages are transmitted via memes, this Always Sunny in Philadelphia screencap should be illustrative of their intentions.

One of the boog telegram channels expiciately calls on boog to infiltrate BLM moments.

Figure 15

An example of a boog group on listing how to infiltrate BLM efforts. Please note the Nazi language.

Left Coast Right Watch corroborates the direction to boogs to infiltrate BLM movements as reported here in a series of leaks from their Discord server. Within that article the Discord leaks themselves can be viewed and downloaded.

Zakk recently exploited the pain of a Lansing family to deceive who they were in order to gain access to a Lansing action under the guise of offering security. When the Lansing organizers discovered who he was he was removed from organizing. Against the wishes of the family who should always have remained the center of the action’s focus, they made an appearance anyways for an hour to have their own rally which was made up of no one from Lansing, no one in the family, and mostly staffed with out of state boogs. The Lansing Chapter of Solidarity And Defense chronicled this debacle.

Around the same time as the Lansing misadventure, the boog had gotten themselves into a space as “contracted security” for an event on the eastside of Detroit that was unaffiliated with any Detroit leftist organizations.

Here is an excerpt from a report made by some concerned anti-fascist Detroiters who surveilled the event, unbeknownst to the boog that were providing security.

“ Six boog were seen both carrying open and concealed. The security they provided consisted of staying in the interior of the park where the event was held but were unaware that they were being directly observed for over two hours by concerned Detroiters. The concerned Detroiters were close enough to be able to see Magnus’s [Zakk’s] asscrack every time he bent over. The authors of this report come from a culture of safety and defense for the community and as a private aside, the boog’s inability to provide competent “security” was obscene in it’s own right. As the event was wrapping up, the boog were observed to be consuming alcohol. Any responsible firearm operator would perish the thought of mixing firearms and alcohol. The boog were also observed to relieve their bladders on the sides of houses in the neighborhood. Coming to a neighborhood where you do not live, being armed and drinking, and pissing all over the place is not something someone who is interested in liberation politics would do.”

Zakk has also made use of the term “fren/fran,” which in most politicized context is a racist dog whistle. When resurfacing on twitter after a suspension they requested their “frans” (Figure 16) to which several of his collaborators replied with “frens” memes (Figures 17–19).

Figure 16, Figure 17, Figure 18
Figure 19

If you have loved ones who are having dealings with boog, please warn them and if ignored — take steps to protect yourself.

In general summation these critical points must be reiterated.

Zakk and the Michigan boog have lied about their intentions and activities.

Zakk and the Michigan boog have organized with militias intent on kidnapping elected officials.

Zakk and the Michigan boog traffic in Nazi language and imagery.

Zakk and the Michigan boog often traffic with groups that end up practicing terrible opsec and are ultimately apprehended by law enforcement.

Zakk and the Michigan boog value property in opposition to human life.

Zakk and the Michigan boog have financial dealings with fascists.

This is meant to be a reader’s digest of the excellent source materials published by antifascists and organizers. This is by no means exhaustive. Please refer to the cited documentation for more in depth analysis.

¡No pasarán!