Michigan Brothers Unmasked as Patriot Front Members

Posted on the behalf of anti-racists in Michigan.

Jon-Paul Struys, age 30
Joseph Andrew Struys, age 27













Based on a tip from Central Oregon Antifascist (COA), anti-racists in Michigan have unmasked two Patriot Front members.  These two PF members are brothers and they both reside in the Traverse City area.

COA sent this link that tied PF member “Johnny MI” (an alias) to Jon-Paul Struys, someone that was arrested at 2017’s Unite the Right (UtR) in Charlottesville. From there, and from the tip, Michigan anti-racists filled in the rest.  Because of the leaks hosted by Unicorn Ninja, anti-racists in Michigan were able to social map the Michigan Cluster of Patriot Front. This mapping allowed the anti-racists to confirm the provided identity and then the additional link to the brother.

Jon- Paul Struys, aka Johnny at UtR in Charlottesville 2017
Jon-Paul Struys during a court appointment steming from his involvement in UtR.




Joseph Andrew Struys aka Ulysses
Joseph Andrew Struys aka Ulysses












Jon-Paul Struys in the leaked chats identified himself as being experienced in security work.  This was confirmed by his LinkedIn account.  We would love to know if he is still in that field and where.  Minorities are not likely to ever feel secure around a racist fascist. Contact info at bottom of report.


Jon-Paul’s prior work experience
Jon-Paul’s educational CV










From there they confirmed that Jon-Paul Struys had a brother named Joseph Andrew Struys (alias Ulysess MI).  Jon-Paul may live on Grouse St in Traverse City and Joseph may live on Moorestown Road in Fife.

Information on Joseph is a bit more scarce. (again, tips are welcome) but anti-racists did unearth this racist twitter account that fairly  matches up with the racist zeitgeist of the time.  Micheal Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Anne Coulter, Richard Spencer retweets galore!


Traverse City region:  If you know more and have any tips please email pftips@krutt.org. Jon-Paul has a work history as a bouncer and security guard, so please do not confront him.  We would love to know where the pair are currently working so that their coworkers could summarily be warned about the racists in their midst.